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Q&A: Invoices and payment

Which invoice methods can I choose between?

Currently, we offer two options for invoicing: email or electronic invoicing for businesses.

For electronic invoicing, you need to be connected to an e-invoicing service provider. Usually, the service provider requires you to provide a reference number or PO number for the e-invoice to be approved.

Why am I receiving a payment reminder?

An invoice is sent out as per the agreement, either via email or electronic invoicing. When the due date on the invoice has passed, a free-of-charge reminder is sent out. About a week after the first reminder, another reminder is sent out, this time with a late fee.

Q&A: General

Are there different types of trademark protection?

Yes, you can obtain trademark protection through registration or through established use. For established use, the trademark must be very well-known and have been in use for a long time. The burden of proof for this lies with you as the owner.

How long does trademark protection last?

Trademark protection is valid for ten years but can be renewed indefinitely. As long as the protection is renewed every ten years, it can effectively last indefinitely.

What is required for trademark protection?

Trademark protection requires, among other things, distinctiveness and a clear definition of how the mark will be used in the coming years. There must also be no risk of confusion with existing trademarks.

My domain has been renewed, why is that?

With Abion, you have peace of mind as we are responsible for renewing the domain annually. You need to actively terminate the domain to prevent the renewal from taking place. Typically, domain termination should be done 3 months before the annual invoice is sent out.

How do you apply for trademark protection?

For protection within the EU, you apply at EUIPO, and for international protection, you apply at WIPO after applying for protection in your country or the EU.

Do you have to register your trademark?

No, but without trademark protection, you lack exclusive rights to the trademark. Anyone can therefore use your trademark and take advantage of what you've built.

How do I place an order with you?

After logging into the customer portal, you will find the tab "+create order" in the top right corner. You can simply place an order for the service(s) you require.

If you have the permission to place an order, the button will be green. Once you click on the button, a window will appear with selectable services. You can simply place an order with the services you desire.

Report abuse

Abuse reports regarding spam, phishing, malware, etc., can be submitted to: We will review all reports and take appropriate action.

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