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Abion Core

Centralise, Simplify, and Revolutionise Your IP Management

The only tool you’ll need. Abion Core is your ‘one-stop-shop’, tech-enabled platform that effortlessly brings together, organises and manages intellectual property (IP) assets - providing a complete overview of everything related to your domains, web security and trademarks. Whether you are in marketing or on the development team, our platform can be tailored to suit your requirements, allowing you to take control, avoid potential risks and boost efficiency.

Cut costs and save time

Developed and designed for you, Abion Core provides an immediate overview of your protection across all jurisdictions. On the one platform, you can manage, administer, and protect your domain names, trademarks and DNS records with ease.

  • An easy-to-use tool for anyone 
  • Cloud-based with easy access via website or API integration 
  • Full control and complete overview 
  • Flexible and scalable to suit your job role and size of company 
  • Self-service for efficient ordering and administration of services 
  • Secure login with two-factor authentication, SAML, and user access control
Abion Core
Trademark protection

Experience the power of actionable insights

With automated tasks, you can boost efficiency, act on any infringements before it’s too late and benefit from insightful data that will provide strategic input into your brand.

  • Efficient case management for tracking enforcement actions
  • Manage monitoring solutions to ensure quick action where needed
  • Centralised records to ensure transparency, accuracy and timeliness data transfer
  • Modern, adaptable interface for maximum efficiency and self-service solutions

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Effortless management of IP assets

Centralised management of everything related to your brand.

Renewals, workflows & document management

Automated workflows to remind you of upcoming renewals and secure space to store, view and share registration or case documents.

User access management & customised views

Secure management of user access rights for your internal and external colleagues and tailored view or filters based on your job role and needs.

Infringement notifications

Keep on top of any infringements on your intellectual property rights before it is too late to act.

Reports & dashboards

Create, tailor and share reports and dashboards, providing strategic input for your brand.

Integrations & APIs

A wide range of global integrations possible providing significant operational efficiency gains.

Solutions tailored to your job requirements

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CEO & Management 

  • Get a complete overview of your trademark and domain portfolio 
  • Identify and assess potential business risks 
  • Get up-to-date information for decision-making 
  • Assign Abion legal responsibility for trademark and domain renewal 
  • Get instant access to our dedicated team of experts 



  • Easy set-up of monitoring, detecting legal and digital threats 
  • Get a constant overview of the protection of your trademarks
  • Avoid risks to your campaigns due to non-functioning landing pages 
  • Consult our dedicated team of experts 
  • Direct access to legal expertise regarding trademark and marketing issues 

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  • Access all DNS services securely in one place 
  • Make bulk changes and schedule changes to zone files 
  • Order and manage TLS / SSL certificates and other technical certificates 
  • Manage all DNS records using the user-friendly interface or by manual editing 
  • Our API significantly reduces your administration workload 

Having all brand assets and all domains at Abion, including monitoring and qualified advice, means that we can feel peace of mind, cut down on administration, and allows us to focus on our core business.

Coolstuff Abion

Christian Omander

CEO of Coolstuff

Abion have demonstrated considerable expertise in everything from strategy and legal, to more technical issues, and they are helpful in all situations. I have only good things to say about the Abion – always pleasant, professional and service-minded!

Norce abion

Sofia Nilsson

Corporate Branding & Digital Marketing Manager - Norce

Abion delivers a complete package for all aspects of trademark and domain name protection, helping us to focus on our core business. Their specialist competence enables us to constantly improve and secure our brand in the long term.

Lyko Abion

Tom Thörnblom

Head of Communications and Sustainability

When Abion presented their solution for consolidating and simplifying the management of our domain names and hosting services, it immediately felt good, obvious, easy and logical. The implementation was carried out incredibly smoothly and we feel very safe.

Hövding abion

Anna-Katarina Skogh

Director of Marketing and Communications at Hövding

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