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Abion gives businesses freedom to flourish. Acting as your brand defender, eliminating threats, and protecting your intellectual property. We look out for you, giving you peace of mind. So you can place your focus elsewhere.


Trademark protection

Innovation fueled by Brand Freedom

By delivering top-tier brand protection we enable your brand to do what can seem impossible, possible. Combining tech-enabled, full-service solutions with a human touch, our broad expertise ensures a safe existence for your brand.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a 360 view of your brand protection
  • Having a team of world leading experts a phone call away
  • Safeguarding your business, giving you room to succeed

Complete solution from one provider

All experts in-house. No middlemen, no go-between.


Abion all-in-one model

All aspects of brand protection covered

You can cherry-pick or get the complete solution. And through our easy-to-use platform, you’ll enjoy effortless intellectual property (IP) management, taking control of your brand, trademarks, domains and web security.

Our expertise covers:

  • Web security
  • IP and legal consultancy
  • Strategic domain name consulting
  • Online brand protection and enforcement

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Abion ACANN accredited registrar
WTR 1000
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Advisory services and beyond

We bring fresh perspectives and advanced technologies to tackle today's IP challenges. Our approach often begins with consulting and the development of a strategy, ensuring powerful brand protection and enforcement.



Explore our expertise

Legal Services

From registration through to enforcement, we help you build long-term strategies to create, maintain, and protect your intellectual property.

Domain Management

We help you sort out what you currently own and what you should own. It results in an optimised domain portfolio, easily managed through our platform.

Web Security

Fundamental for protecting your brand. By safeguarding digital assets, customers' data, and reputation, it plays a vital role in today's digital landscape.

Effortless IP Management

Our platform brings it all together, providing a complete overview of everything related to your brand – legally, digitally, and technically.