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At Abion, we specialise in domain consultation, offering personalised advice and expert guidance to align your digital assets seamlessly with your corporate goals.

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Immediate benefits and practical solutions

Your domain strategy is an important aspect of your brand. We assist in developing a strategy based on what you currently own and what you should own. This results in an optimised domain portfolio, easily manageable through our platform. 

As an ICANN-accredited registrar, Abion are able to register all top-level domains in the world. This means you only need one provider. 

The importance of a domain strategy

  • Unique identity: it ensures a distinctive online presence, preventing confusion and enhancing brand recognition.
  • Trust and security: owning relevant domains builds trust, prevents fraud, and enhances user safety.
  • Brand strengthening: it promotes brand consistency and increases brand image – key for brand protection.

Enforcement: Safeguarding in action

An effective domain strategy is essential to prevent the risk of domain hijacking and phishing attacks. And when needed, we carry out a takedown. Abion is ready to give strategic advice and take legal action when necessary. We enforce your brand, creating a secure existence.

We empower your Domain Management

All experts in-house

Our experts in domain management ensure your domain strategy is in line with your overall brand strategy.

Never miss a renewal

We make sure your domains are renewed. One less thing for you to focus on. 

International Compliance Guarantee

We offer all top-level domains with ICANN accreditation, backed by in-house experts in domain management. Making sure your domain names are correctly registered and compliant with regulations in each country.

Clear overview in Abion Core

With our market leading platform, you'll enjoy smooth handling and overview of your IP assets.

Stable and fast DNS on all domains

Our Doman Management always include a DNS service – ensuring highest security and redundancy. 

Register domains

With Abion, domain registration becomes effortless. We cut out the middleman, ensuring an effective and seamless process. As an ICANN-accredited registrar, we have the authority to register your domain worldwide. Additionally, we provide local expertise and efficient registrations for cases that require a personal touch.

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The importance with a secure domain management


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Abion Core

The only tool you’ll ever need

Manage all aspects of your brand protection in our platform. Your administration workload has just lightened.

Key features include:

  • Access all DNS services
  • Manage all your domains
  • Make bulk changes to zone files
  • Clear overview of all your assets
  • Efficiently manage your TLS/SSL certificates

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We also assist in

  • Transferring domains: We help you to securely transfer your domains from another provider to us
  • Changing ownership: When you take over a domain, we provide both practical and legal assistance
  • Domain name renewals: Easy renewals of your domains in our platform 

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Increase your domain protection



Registry Lock



AdultBlock blocks the trademark from being registered with any of the .XXX top-level domains. .ADULT, .SEX, and .PORN.


Secure your brand against unauthorized domain name registrations in over 300 domain name extensions with DomainBlock!

Registry Lock

Registry Lock helps you lock your domain at registry level to block tampering from fraudsters. This means that no alterations can be made to, for example, name servers, changes of registrar, updates to the registrar's name, address, or contact details.


Protect your trademark from being exposed to cybersquatting. TMCH verifies your trademark information, improving your trademark protection.

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