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Förlita dig inte helt på juridiken, ha ett holistiskt förhållningssätt

Have you submitted your trademark applications and feel that you now have strong trademark protection? Sorry to disappoint you but, unfortunately, in today’s world it’s not that simple. With digitization, the scope of protection needs to be significantly larger. Today there are so many ways for a trademark to be exposed, so legal protection is simply not sufficient.

You need to think outside the box and not rely entirely on the law. That’s why, in this blog post, we will go through what a holistic approach to trademark protection is and what it involves. You will see that it is vital for protection to be comprehensive.

Companies seem to rely on the law

A common phenomenon today is that companies prioritize legal protection. The legal protection is focused on patents, design rights, and trademark registrations. These are all different ways to secure exclusive rights to your trademark.

Legal protection is, of course, important to have in place. The law creates the conditions for being able to act on infringements and take a matter to court when needed. 

But today, trademark protection is about more than law. In a digital and global environment, trademarks are exposed to other types of threats. Defined legal infringements are replaced by new, more digital and technological threats. So, to protect a trademark, a completely different set of solutions are required than previously. 

Today, a comprehensive strategy is needed for the legal, digital, and technical aspects, to avoid the brand being damaged in a number of different ways.

Don't forget that digitization comes with consequences

Today, for you to have comprehensive trademark protection and withstand the threats of digitalization, the protection needs to consist of three elements:

  • Legal protection
  • Digital protection
  • Technical protection


If you have these 3 elements in place, you have a holistic approach by establishing protection in all the areas where the trademark can be exposed. You have simply thought one step further than legal protection. 

With legal, digital, and technical protection, you not only avoid infringements on, for example, company names. You also brace yourself against digital and technological infringements such as:


Once you have established all the necessary protection and, in that way, secured the trademark, you need to continuously monitor the brand in different channels to detect possible infringements.


The optimal guide to understanding how to protect your brand

That’s how you get holistic and comprehensive trademark protection

To gain an even greater understanding of trademark protection, be sure to download our guide. See the guide as an aid that helps you feel confident that you are doing the necessary work to protect your trademark.

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Key takeaways

  • Digitization means that the scope of trademark protection needs to be significantly larger
  • Trademark protection needs to consist of 3 elements: Legal, digital, and technical
  • With a holistic approach, you think one step further than legal protection

Want to know more of how to protect you brand? Get in touch and we will help you!

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