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Do you have a problem with email spam? Then you've come to the right place! We explain what Spam involves and list our best solutions to the problem!

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What is spam?

Spam is the type of email that usually ends up in your junk mail. However, a lot of them still make their way into the regular inbox as the mail client does not recognize them as spam.

More than half of the emails you receive are spam. The question is: How much time do we spend cleaning up all the spam? Not only is it time consuming, it also poses a real threat. So how is spam stopped?

Why is spam sent?

The purpose of spam is often to trick the recipient or to get them to buy a product. Some examples are the sale of medical products or the classic "Nigeria email" in which the sender writes that a distant relative has died and that you have an inheritance to collect.

More or less all major email providers today offer a free spam filter for their email services. Spam is usually sent simultaneously to multiple recipients, allowing spam filters to classify and filter out those emails. However, it is not an easy task for email services to identify all emails that come in. Spam filters only filter incoming emails, and usually this filter is based on reputation and volume. This makes it difficult for a filter to detect more targeted and sophisticated attacks in which fraudsters use a legitimate domain to try to achieve the desired result of, for example, planting malware or blackmailing a company or person for money. Instead of just deleting spam that finds its way to your regular inbox, you can help the email service and mark the suspicious email as spam. This way you help the email service remember the email address for next time.

How to stay spam-free?

There are a number of effective ways a company can cut down the amount of spam their employees receive. This also minimizes the risk of, for example, phishing and the transmission of malware. Below we have listed which services we recommend for keeping you and your business spam-free.

Recommended solutions

Woman in business, trademark protection

Trademark Management

We secure the exclusive right to your trademark and protect it from potential infringements.

Online Brand Protection

Online brand protection is more than just removing fakes. We combines innovative technology with our in-house expertise to tackle infringements.

Intellectual property rights

Learn about intellectual property law and how to protect your company's intellectual property rights – Purpose, Terms, The 4 areas of Intellectual Pr...

TMCH for protection against improper domain name registrations

Protect your trademark from being exposed to cybersquatting. TMCH verifies your trademark information, improving your trademark protection.

DomainBlock to combat cybersquatting

Secure your brand against unauthorized domain name registrations in over 300 domain name extensions with DomainBlock!

SAML support in Abion Core

Did you know that Abion's user portal Abion Core fully supports Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML?

Web security

Web Security: By safeguarding assets, customers' data, and reputation, it plays a vital role in maintaining trustworthiness in the online landscape.

Domain monitoring

Domain monitoring is a service for you to monitor if an already registered domain becomes active and might be a threat to your brand.


Using a backorder, we help increase your chances of registering the desired domain, the millisecond it is released on the market.

Strategy and consultation

We can help you with strategy and consultation for your brand. Since we have gathered all the expertise in-house, we can give you comprehensive help...

Contract management

Our legal team can help you review your contract management for any intellectual property issues related to your brand.

Trademark strategy

Do you need help with a trademark strategy for your brands and intellectual property? Our trademark lawyers can help you!

Trademark consulting

Need help with trademark consultation? As part of our trademark management, we offer expertise in strategic policy and consultation for your trademark.


Do you need help with questions relating to copyright? Our lawyers have wide-ranging expertise and can give you both advice and help you take action.

Website analysis

With a website analysis, we help make sure that your e-commerce meets both the formal and informal requirements placed on your website.

Legal Services

From clearance searches through to enforcement, we help you build long-term strategies to create, evaluate, maintain, protect and monetise your intel...

Trademark renewal

Trademark renewal is necessary every 10 years to maintain both exclusive rights and trademark protection. We can keep an eye on it for you.

Trademark infringement

Have you been a victim of trademark infringement? We are here to help, once the damage is done but also to ensure that you are proactively protected

Trademark registration

From dream to reality. Our legal team will help you apply to register a trademark so no vital details are missed.


We can help with a preliminary investigation of your trademark to find out if it is unique enough to register.

Virtual Server, VPS

A virtual private server, VPS, is more flexible, powerful, and secure for websites, e-commerce, and applications than web hosting. You also get exclu...


As Sweden's leading web hosting provider, we offer everything from web hosting to custom-made server solutions for large and small companies.


S/MIME is the certificate that gives outgoing emails a digital signature and ensures that nothing in the email has been changed in transit.


At Ports we have email solutions for both large and small operations, everything custom made for you.

Document Signing

With Document signing, you add an electronic, digital signature to a document to ensure that the document hasn't been changed or corrupted.

Code Signing Certificate

Do you have software or an application? Do you want to protect your users from viruses? Then the Code Signing Certificate is for you.

Domain investigation

With a domain investigation, our domain experts can check the status of your preferences regarding a domain name.

Domain consolidation

We help you with domain consolidation to group your entire domain portfolio with a single provider. This gives you simplified administration, greater...

Domain strategy

We offer expertise in domain strategy to help you achieve a strategic and proactive domain portfolio in order to reach your corporate objectives.

Domain Name Consultation

Do you need domain consultation for your digital assets, your domain portfolio for example? Then our domain experts can help you!


Reduce the risk of being a victim of DNS infringement and ensure that domains only convey information from the right sources. DNSSEC, simply put, mat...

Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS is a technology for routing network traffic that increases the speed and availability of your online resources. With Anycast, an IP addre...

DNS services

Smart and smooth DNS management in our customer platform, Abion Core. We also offer DNSSEC, Anycast DNS, and Https redirect.

Our top-level domains

We can help you buy a top-level domain wherever in the world you want, and we make sure that registration is correct for the relevant country.

Domain name acquisition

Do you want to buy a domain that is already taken? We can help you acquire a domain that is already registered.

Register a domain

Ports can help you register a domain wherever in the world you want to. Domain registration of top domains in the whole world.

Registry Lock

Registry lock increases the protection of your most important domain names and protects against unwanted changes to your domain at registry level.

Protect domain name

Do you need help protecting your domains? We can help you with, among other things, management, encryption, and surveillance of your domains.

Transfer domain

Do you want to transfer a domain to us? Are you looking for a secure and stable partner for your domains? Then you are in the right place!

Domain name renewal

Time to renew your domain name? Are you looking for a provider that will keep track of and manage all your domains easily and effectively? We can help!

Change domain ownership

Do you need help updating the existing ownership information for your domain? Then you are in the right place. Contact us for help!
Smart and effective Domain Management Abion

Domain management

At Abion, we specialise in domain consultation, offering personalised advice and expert guidance to align your digital assets seamlessly with your co...

Smart Seal

Smart Seal gives your customers a visual confirmation that you have taken the necessary steps to secure their transactions and information.

E-Commerce Law

Avoid high costs and badwill – Create a safe E-commerce website for your customers with e-commerce law.

Design Protection

If you have a product where you want to protect the design, pattern, or shape, you can apply for design protection. We will help you!

Trademark Watch

Trademark watch allows you to quickly object to applications that are similar to yours, preventing their registration before it’s too late.

Customs Declaration

Stop the import of counterfeit goods, make a Custom Declaration and register your rights in the enforcement database.


A takedown means that if you believe that someone has committed trademark and / or copyright infringement on your domain name or website, you can app...

App Watch

App Watch - Monitors existing and new apps, so you and your suppliers can rest assured that your organization controls your brand.

Social Media Watch

Social Media Watch counteracts fake accounts and advertisements and provides you with relevant information about how your brand is visible in social...

Legal measures

Have you been a victim of trademark infringement and need legal action? Our legal team has an extensive skill set and are here to help!

Marketplace Watch

Marketplace Watch regularly scans over 1000 ecommerce sites. You will be able to quickly detect unauthorized retailers or advertisements.

Secure email, ECP

The technology behind secure email protects organizations against email fraud, both internally and externally for customers and suppliers.

SSL Certificate

By encrypting traffic between the web server and the browser, an TLS / SSL certificate prevents any outsider from eavesdropping on the data being sent.

API for Abion Core

In Abion Core, you can use an API to manage your DNS management and zone file yourself without logging in to an external platform.

Monitoring services

Our Monitoring services protects your brand from intrusion into everything from apps, social media to websites.


AdultBlock blocks your terms from being registered with any of the adult Top Level Domains dotXXX, dotADULT, dotSEX and dotPORN.

Domain Watch

Protect your domains with Domain Watch against fraudsters. The service protects you from scams such as mirroring your website, using a similar, missp...


There are a lot of different uses for digital certificates. We can help you with everything from implementation to management.

VMC Certificate

Verified Mark Certificate lets your company render a logotype in your customer’s e-mail clients. Become one of the first businesses with VMC.

SSL Management for agents

As an agent, you can now contact me, Rikard, directly and get a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for your SSL management!

Did you not find the answer you where looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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