Strategy and consultation

An overall expertise in brand security is our greatest strength. Our experts help you create long-term strategies for each area of your brand and bring together legal protection with domain, IT, and design protection. Since we have gathered all the expertise in-house, we can effectively customize and coordinate an action plan that is in line with the company's overall strategies and goals.

Consultation and price proposal

A complete partner that gives you a head start

Whether you need a comprehensive strategy for launching a new brand, surveillance of your domains, or protection for your website and email, you can receive advice from our specialists. Doing things correctly from the start saves you time and money. We are with you all the way.

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  • Charting and investigation
  • Strategy formulation and consultancy
Varemærkekrænkelser kan koste virksomheder millioner.

Our advice future-proofs your brand

Brand security is an impenetrable jungle of challenges with a lot of pitfalls. An important investment can run into serious problems if you miss only a small but vital detail in the domain and brand strategy.

We are aware of all the potential threats but also the possibilities. As your strategic partner, we can act as a sounding board throughout the process – from start to finish. From digital to legal and technical. We make sure that you are always one step ahead, both with security and room for rapid growth.

Brand security is about much more than the logo

The brand is one of the company's most valuable assets, and it requires care and secure management. But it's about much more than just registering names and logos. It's about taking control of the public face of the company and how the company conducts itself in all channels – from mass media to private emails.

It can be difficult to keep track of all elements and channels yourself, but in close cooperation with us at Abion you receive strategic guidance and control that ensures your brand is carefully protected – now and in the future. Here are three important questions to keep an eye on:

  1. Do you know what the domain registration requirements are in your company’s target markets? In some countries, you can't register a domain unless you have a trademark registered on that market
  2. Do you have control over your company's outgoing email? Most major organizations have spam filters that protect against malicious incoming emails, but so-called CEO fraud and corporate hijackings usually occur when companies don't keep track of their outgoing emails.
  3. Have you protected your brand in your company's manufacturing countries that are outside Europe? Problems sometimes arise when goods manufactured outside Europe are shipped from the country of production. If your brand isn’t sufficiently secured, it can have devastating consequences.

Our advisory role

As a customer of Abion, you can rest assured that you will receive committed and informed support on all important brand issues. Our experts are always available for consultation on your brand and trademark protection.

We monitor and advise you on how to act forcefully against possible trademark infringements, but we can also discuss ideas and suggestions about how to develop and safeguard the brand in the future. Above all, we ensure that no one else damages or exploits the company's brand names and registered logos, protecting your assets and investments in the long-term.

All strategic policies have unique opportunities. In order to take advantage of our common knowledge and get the most of it, we work together according to a specific method that we have broken down into three steps. The method leads to a well-defined approach to legal, digital, or technical trademark protection. In order to achieve brand security of the highest level, it is best to combine and coordinate all parts in a joint strategy document. Contact us and we’ll gladly tell you more.


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