Trademark consulting

Trademark consultation

Do you need help with trademark consultation for your brand assets? As part of our trademark management, we offer expertise in strategic policy and consultation for your brand. Since we have all expertise in-house, we can provide comprehensive help that is in line with your trademark strategy and corporate objectives.

Consultation and price proposal

Strategic cooperation

Our legal team will help you review the legal aspects of your brand strategy. Your trademark is one of the most central parts of your business and demands careful management. It can be difficult to keep track of everything yourself, but through strategic consultation and close cooperation with us at Abion, you will get help checking that the whole brand is well protected. We offer, among other things:

  • A workshop
  • Charting and investigation
  • Strategy formulation and consultancy
Strategy for brand security

Take care of the brand

When, for example, launching a new brand, monitoring domains, or during consultation to enter a new market, it can be especially difficult to know how to proceed. Brand security is a jungle that involves several different elements, which is why it involves a lot of potential pitfalls. A worst-case scenario is that a global venture be suspended for missing a small but vital element of its brand strategy. It's not easy knowing what you don't know. So you need a strategic partner who can act as a sounding board throughout the process, from start to finish. From the digital to the legal and technical elements of the brand.

Legal advice

We help you legally secure your trademark and continually monitor that this protection is respected by ensuring that no other operator takes advantage of your brand or brand reputation.

Discuss strategy and consultation with us

Do you need help with trademark consultation? Do you want us to have a look at the strategic policy related to your brands, or do you simply need help getting going? Contact us and we’ll help you!