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Domain consultation

Do you need help with advice and consultation for your domains? As part of our domain management, we offer expertise in strategy and consulting related to your domains. Since we have all expertise in-house, we can provide complete help that is in line with your corporate objectives.

Consultation and Price proposal

Strategic cooperation

Whether you need consultation for the digital elements associated with internationalization, domain surveillance, or strategic advice for a domain acquisition, our experts will help you!

We understand that brand security can feel like a jungle. We know that there are many potential pitfalls which because they can damage the brand require a clear strategy. This can be complicated to personally keep track of, but as a strategic partner we can act as a sounding board throughout the process, from start to finish. We do this through:

  • A workshop on understanding and objectives
  • Charting and investigation
  • Strategy formulation and consultancy
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Take care of your domains

Because your domain name is one of the most central parts of your business it demands careful management. It can be difficult to keep track of everything yourself, but through strategic consultation and close cooperation with us at Abion you will receive help to check that all domains and brands are well protected.


We help protect your domains and brand with continuous surveillance to make sure that this protection is respected. This is achieved by ensuring that no other operator takes advantage of your domains or brand reputation.

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