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Combining heart and tech, our brand protection experts are just a phone call away, always going that extra mile. Abion creates a safe existence for your brand, we call it Brand Freedom.

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Norce customer case Abion


Handling strategic and legal issues during the rebranding
Oatly customer case abion


The rise of e-mail fraud began to pose a threat to Oatly's business
Lyko customer case Abion


Lyko takes help from us with a complete solution of its brand protection

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Expertise in all aspects of brand protection

Legal Services

We safeguard your brand, giving you a peace of mind. Our experts in brand strategy and trademark protection empower your brand, keeping it safe against infringement worldwide.

Domain Management

Your domain name is one of the core components of your online presence. Abion ensures you safe registration, protection, and management of your domain portfolio.

Web Security

Reduce the risk of security incidents and increase your web security. Our pro-active experts are always at your service, keeping your networks and data protected against unauthorised access.

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Our cutting-edge platform lets you manage and gain comprehensive insights into everything concerning your brand, domains, trademarks and web security services. Discover a smarter way to manage your brand.

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Our experts analyse all aspects of your brand, check for gaps and typical pitfalls. The brand protection audit is free of charge and gives you a comprehensive insight to your brand protection.

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Gmail mobile

February 2024: New Google and Yahoo email requirements

21 November 2023
Google has announced that starting February 2024, Gmail will require email authentication to be in place when send...
The Gummy Bear saga - case: R 872/2023-4

The Gummy Bear Saga: A Sweet Win for 3D Figurative Marks

Trademark Management
20 November 2023
The Fourth Board of Appeal of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) rules on distinctiveness of...
Introducing Abion

Introducing Abion: The Bold Pioneers of Brand Freedom

1 November 2023
A powerful combination within brand protection, intellectual property management, domain management and web securi...