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Don't let brand infringement restrict your development and innovation. Our Brand Protection Audit assesses your brand's strength, analysing every aspect to pinpoint typical pitfalls and protection gaps. We'll deliver a summarised report that outlines actionable strategies to enhance your brand's security.

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Why is Brand protection important?

Brand protection is crucial because it safeguards a company's intellectual property, potential revenue, reputation, and customer trust. Counterfeiting and brand impersonation can lead to financial losses, damage a brand's reputation and undermine consumer confidence in the brand.

Brand protection in times of recession:

Listen to one of our experts in brand protection talk about how infringement is growing and shifting its focus from luxury items to less expensive goods.

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Brand Protection Audit

Keeping track of dynamic industries with countless brands competing for the same markets is no easy feat. It takes dedication, specialist knowledge, and industry insight—exactly what Abion provides. Our in-depth brand protection audit identifies urgent measures, and future recommendations to safeguard your brand.



Fill in a simple questionnaire about the markets you operate and main products. (Takes 1 minute)

We conduct an analysis based on your answers and the process below. (Any information shared is confidential)


We present our recommended actions based on the audit and any additional information you might have. Our experts are happy to find a solution tailor-made for you.


  • We research your current trademark protection and identify risks
  • We check your web security setup
  • We evaluate the overall risk of infringement
  • We analyse the domain portfolio to see if there are risks and gaps
  • We collect all in a report which you get a copy of and that we go through with you at your convenience


Why is brand protection important?

Brand protection is crucial because it safeguards a company's intellectual property, potential revenue, reputation, and customer trust. Counterfeiting and brand impersonation can lead to financial losses, damage a brand's reputation and undermine consumer confidence in the brand.

What are the consequences of inadequate brand protection?

Inadequate brand protection can lead to financial losses from counterfeiting, loss of customer trust due to fraudulent activities, damage to the brand's reputation, and potential legal costs associated with enforcing intellectual property rights.

What is a takedown notice, and how is it used in online brand protection?

A takedown notice is a formal request sent by brand protection specialists' legal team, such as Ports Group, to an internet service provider or a platform, asking them to remove content that infringes on a company's intellectual property rights. It's a key tool in online brand protection, used to remove counterfeit product listings, fraudulent websites, or unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

What are some common challenges in online brand protection?

Some common challenges include the vastness and anonymity of the internet, which makes it difficult to track and identify infringers; the cross-jurisdictional nature of the internet, which complicates legal enforcement; and the rapid evolution of digital threats, which requires constant vigilance and adaptation.

How can a company ensure its brand is protected globally?

A company can protect its brand globally by letting a brand protection specialist, such as Ports Group, register its trademarks in all relevant jurisdictions, use Ports Group´s brand monitoring services, and partner with Ports Group legal experts to enforce their rights when infringements occur.

How can social media platforms be a threat to a brand's reputation?

Social media platforms can be a threat if they're used to spread false information about a brand, sell counterfeit products, or impersonate the brand. It's important for companies to actively monitor their brand presence on social media and quickly address any misuse.

What role does artificial intelligence play in online brand protection?

AI plays a significant role in online brand protection. Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns, trends, and potential threats more quickly and accurately than manual methods. AI can also automate routine tasks, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks.

How can a company deal with counterfeit products sold online?

Companies can use brand protection specialists, such as Ports Groups, online monitoring tools to identify counterfeit products on e-commerce platforms. Once identified, they can request the platform to remove the counterfeit listings. Legal action can also be taken by Ports Group’s Legal Team against persistent offenders.

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