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When applying for trademark registration, you need to specify which trademark class or classes your products and/or services belong to. Below you can read more about what is meant by trademark classes, why it is important to choose the right one, and what is good to consider when classifying your trademark.

A trademark class is chosen every time you apply for a new trademark registration. Different classes are appropriate depending on the goods and/or services you want to protect. You can choose one or more classes based on what is the best fit for your trademark and which business you are going to conduct.

What are trademark classes and what purpose do they serve?

Trademark classes divide products and services into different categories – for example, foodstuffs, delivery services, as well as the resale of various types of goods. When you apply for registration of a new trademark, you want to be sure that the mark is protected for exactly the type of goods and/or services it is to be used for.

Without the correct protection, you are effectively without legal rights for your trademark within the product and service categories you are operating, which in turn can have consequences for your business.

By choosing the right trademark classes when registering your trademark, you secure exclusive rights of use for your mark – and everything associated with it – within those particular categories.

Nice – the international system for trademark classes

All goods and services for which a trademark can be registered are classified under the international Nice system. In total, there are 45 different classes in the system, of which classes 1-34 refer to physical goods, while classes 35-45 refer to services.

To make it easier to choose the correct classification, each trademark class has a heading that summarizes the type of goods or services it includes. There are also specific terms that define in more detail which goods or services each class is intended to protect. When you apply for trademark registration and state which products/services are to be included, it is recommended that you use these standardized terms to ensure the fastest and smoothest handling possible.

The Nice classification system is an international standard and is used in the registration of both Swedish trademarks and EU trademarks.

Den komplette liste over alle danske varemærkeklasser

The complete list of all Swedish trademark classes

List of trademark classes

Worth considering when choosing a trademark class

  • If you are going to both manufacture and sell a product, you should choose the trademark class for the product itself (class 1-34), as well as for the service (class 35-45) – that is, selling the product.
  • Only add goods and services that you actually use the trademark for, or that you intend to use it for in the near future.
  • It is not possible to add additional products or services retrospectively. That’s why you need to review your application properly before submitting it.
  • Extra trademark classes – that is, more than one – are subject to an additional fee. In Sweden a registration costs between SEK 2,000 and SEK 6,000, depending on how many classes you want protected with a trademark. When it comes to EU registration, there is a fee of 50 euros for a second trademark class, and 150 euros for each additional class after that.

Does it seem complicated? Let our trademark experts help you

The choice of trademark classes is made while applying for trademark registration – a process that can be both time-consuming and complicated if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, professional assistance is available. 

With us at Abion, as an entrepreneur you can book a so-called “classification call,” during which you get help with everything related to the registration of a new trademark, including the selection of suitable trademark classes. Our experienced trademark experts have legal, technical, and digital expertise and are with you from start to finish. We ensure that your application is correct and that your trademark is protected from various types of infringement. 

Read more about how we can help you with your application.


Frequently asked questions about trademark classes

Which trademark class should I choose?

The class or classes that best match the intended product or service. For correct trademark protection, it is vital that you choose the correct class.

How many trademark classes can I choose?

You can choose as many trademark classes as you like, but only one is included in the application fee. For all additional classes, you will have to pay an additional fee.

Do the same trademark classes apply internationally, as they do in Sweden?

Yes, the Nice system in which the classes are divided is an international system that is used both abroad and in Sweden.

That’s how you get holistic and comprehensive trademark protection

To gain an even greater understanding of trademark protection, be sure to download our guide. See the guide as an aid that helps you feel confident that you are doing the necessary work to protect your trademark.

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The optimal guide to brand protection

Do you want to know more about trademark classes?

Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

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