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Companies have a lot to gain from digitization and globalization – at the same time, most brands are under increasing threat. Our colleagues work with these challenges daily and know the best ways to reduce risks in your industry.

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Solutions for the most vulnerable industries

Whether you are CEO, an IT manager, or a marketing manager, it’s not easy to keep track of everything related to brand security. To make things a little easier, our experts have compiled information and tips for the most vulnerable industries.

We are able to focus on our core business thanks to Ports helping us with trademark and domain name protection. At the same time, their specialist expertise helps us to become better and secures our brand in the long-term.

Tom Thörnblom

Tom Thörnblom

Head of Sustainability & Communication - Lyko


Get a holistic and comprehensive trademark protection

To gain an even greater understanding of trademark protection, be sure to download our guide that will help you feel confident that you are doing the necessary work to protect your trademark.

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The optimal guide to understanding how to protect your brand

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