Mønsterbeskyttelse/designbeskyttelse – en vejledning for virksomheder

Design Protection

Design protection, or design patent, is a supplement to your trademark protection in order to ensure exclusive rights to your designs. If you have a product and you want to protect the design, pattern, or shape you can apply for design protection. Contact us and we will help you! 

Register design

Protect your product’s design

Developing a unique design costs both time and money. Design protection is proof that you have exclusive rights to your design and protects you so that no one else can copy it. We will help you with:

  • Planning and strategy covering which countries you should apply in
  • The legal aspects required for an application
  • Identifying potential business risks
  • Administration and management of your design protection
Få designbeskyttet dit produkt

Which designs can be protected?

You are able to register a design if you have specific and unique look that you want to protect.

You can apply for design protection for all unique products you develop and want to protect with a documented exclusive right. It could, for example, be furniture, toys, packaging, sweets, fabrics, cars, patterns, the design of an application, or an icon. In order to protect the design, it is important that it satisfies the condition of novelty, namely that it has not been in the public domain for more than 12 months before you apply.


Registration inside or outside the EU?

Our Swedish customers usually apply for protection within the EU. This is done through a single application and at a relatively low cost compared to making applications to individual nations. Whether to apply for protection inside or outside the EU varies, naturally, depending on who you are and what your strategy and future objectives are.

We will, of course, take care of the entire process and consultation along the way. After your application is submitted and approved, the design will be registered and protected with a protection that can be renewed for up to 25 years, 5 years at a time. We'll manage and keep track of this for you!

Get help with a design protection application 

Would you like to protect your designs or find out more about design protection? Contact us and we'll help you!

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