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How to secure the banking, finance, and insurance sectors

Security varies widely in the banking, finance, and insurance sectors. At present, most operators have caught up with digitization, but far from everyone has kept pace. Keeping in mind that your sector is directly involved in the finances of every individual and company in the country, it is critical that you prioritize their security. At the same time, you tighten your own security. But how can a customer know that your website is secure, and what requirements need to be met?

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Banking, finance, and insurance brands we secure

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Common fraud and infringements

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams around the corner. There is also a large lack of awareness on the subject. That's why we've compiled the most common threats below. We believe that the more people paying attention to the problems, the easier it will be to stop the fraudsters!

The competition in your industry is tough, so it’s vital that no one else uses your trademark. Whether you are an established bank or a newly started insurance company, we can help you strengthen your business.

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Legal measures

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SSL Certificate

By encrypting traffic between the web server and the browser, an TLS / SSL certificate prevents any outsider from eavesdropping on the data being sent.

Customer cases

Examples of how we help companies in your industry

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