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Fast-growing IP and domain management veteran, Abion, is rapidly approaching its goal as Europe's number one powerhouse. The Swedish company partnered with the award-winning and high-profile European IP-expert BRANDIT.

Known under different names, Abion has paved its road and today is a veteran company within the industry since its founding in 1994. More recently, the company has had a growth spurt, adding three new companies. In their latest move, Abion announces partnering up with maverick and industry challenger, BRANDIT.

- Partnering  with BRANDIT sharpens our offering and advances our market position. The fusion adds expertise within domains, trademarks, and in five new markets: Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and Turkey. Adding more top-ranked industry experts will strengthen our market position even more. Together, we will become a European leader and the obvious choice concerning IP and domain solutions, says Magdalena Bonde, CEO of Abion.

BRANDIT is a big name in the market, representing many high-profile brands and IP experts around Europe. The company has more than 700 clients in 33 countries. Danish CEO and founder Jesper Knudsen is a top global thought leader with a robust network and 20 years of industry experience. Their head office is in Zürich, and the client portfolio includes some of the world’s leading brands. The company is also connected to some of the most powerful networks within the industry, such as INTA (International Trademark Associations), Marques, and ECTA.

We have analyzed all options, and with our values in mind, concluded that joining forces with Abion is the perfect match. Abion is a company that shares the same values as BRANDIT, and they want to be the best in the world. I believe that together we have an opportunity to become the most influential company within the industry, says Jesper Knudsen, founder and CEO of BRANDIT.

In 2022, Abion added three companies to its portfolio by acquiring Otmore Limited, Corebiz Solution, and Inbrand. The new additions strengthen Abion's position as the leading European player and provider of platform-based IP and domain management services. These acquisitions create a more full-service tech solution – further benefiting and meeting the user's needs.

This acquisition aligns with Abion's ambitious growth strategy, where one of the objectives is to expand the company through one to two new acquisitions per year during the coming five years. So far, the strategy has paid off as the company’s revenue increased from 14 million EUR in 2021 to north of 22 million EUR in 2022. The goal is to reach at least 100 million EUR in revenue by 2027.  

We are looking forward to entering 2023 with more muscles. We are building an IP and domain powerhouse with BRANDIT, and this will put our name on the international market. 2023 will be a year to remember, says Magdalena Bonde.

EY Corporate Finance has acted as a financial advisor and Setterwalls Advokatbyrå as legal advisor to Abion. The parties have chosen not to disclose the agreement price. 

About Abion


Abion is a fast-growing and profitable platform-based IP and domain services provider. Abion has a unique position in the market with 25 years of experience in digitalization as an ICANN-accredited registrar and a comprehensive Brand Protection package and software and services within Domain Management, Trademark Management, and Web Security.

Proactive protection through Abion's monitoring services secures the customer's intellectual property and exclusive rights. Central to what Abion offer is the software platform Abion Core, which brings together the portfolio of holdings, giving an optimal overview and automated management. The platform manages domains, brand holdings, and web security products.

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BRANDIT is a well-known, award-winning brand with many high-profile IP experts around Europe. The company has more than 700 clients in 33 countries. The CEO and founder, Jesper Knudsen, is rated as a top 10 global thought leader and has a robust network and 20 years in the industry. The head office of BRANDIT is in Zürich, and the client portfolio includes some of the world's leading brands. BRANDIT's network of contacts consists of the most potent networking groups in the industry, such as INTA (International Trademark Associations), Marques, and ECTA.

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