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As hosting providers, we offer a wide range of services for small and large companies, government agencies, and organizations. From web hosting to customized server solutions. All with the same high level of security. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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An IT environment is never stronger than its weakest link, which is why it's vital to create redundancy at all levels, ranging from redundant power supplies to redundant internet connections.

With our technical solutions, you benefit from a secure hosting environment and extensive experience of running and delivering everything from basic hosting services to large, custom-made server solutions.

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Strong safeguards against infringement
  • Daily backup, with servers located in several countries for extra security
4 fordele ved vores hosting


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4 advantages of our hosting

Personal service

Swedish contacts with high availability.

Reduced administration

You don’t have to act as a pivot between two contacts, and you avoid costs and fees from several parties.


With a single contact you save time. And if you have SSL certificates with us, we can order, validate, issue and install the certificate directly.


Through carefully selected suppliers like, for example, Palo Alto, Nutanix, and VMWare, we can offer the highest possible availability and reliability.

Strong suppliers for the highest level of security

For several years we have worked proactively to increase security and accessibility for all our services. Everything, from the simplest email service to the most complicated server solution, is mirrored and can, in the case of a disaster, be transferred to our secondary data center at another location. This is all thanks to virtualization, replication, and duplicate hardware.

To achieve this, we have enlisted the help of the most powerful players on the market and only use the leading suppliers. For example, Nutanix for servers and storage, Palo Alto for intrusion prevention and firewalls, VMWare and AHV for virtualization, Veeam for replication, to name a few.

To protect our environments from denial-of-service attacks, we subscribe to DDoS protection with the internet service providers from Netscout/Arbor Networks. This means that we are protected against DDoS attacks and can manage very high volumes of traffic.

Hosting med redundans ikon


The redundancy in our environments is based on carefully selected hardware in the different parts of our data center. Every time we procure equipment, we have extensive discussions with suppliers regarding our needs and how the equipment can be implemented.

Our focus is on operational reliability, availability, and stability. A mainstay of our environments is a secondary site in a separate location which we use for replication and as a backup environment. This site is ready to take over the full operation of all virtual servers and systems in the event of a breakdown at the primary site in Gothenburg.

Virtuell server ikon

Virtual environments

Our virtual environments are built on Nutanix, which is a top-of-the-line server hardware with high operational reliability. The virtual environments are, of course, built with redundancy and fault tolerance in focus, with all parts running on dual hardware as a minimum (from server to network card). We replicate all customer systems to a secondary site. This protects both us and, above all, you as a customer from breakdowns and data losses. At the same time, we backup the systems daily using IBM TSM and Veeam in an efficient symbiosis.

Nätverksinfrastruktur ikon

Network infrastructure

The network infrastructure is completely redundant with all systems in different switches and with at least two network cards, which enables us to withstand errors in everything from core to edge switches. We have dual internet connections from the provider, one primary and one secondary. We transport replicas, backup, and other important data to the secondary site via a dark fiber connection. All online services from our network providers have the highest SLA agreements.

The firewalls operate in an active-passive HA cluster, one on each site, for the highest possible availability and operational reliability. We also have Intrusion Prevention Systems from Palo Alto at each site. These perform a more in-depth inspection of each package that passes in and out of our environments.

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