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Virtual Server, VPS

Do you need a virtual server solution that gives you higher security? With a virtual server, or virtual private server, VPS, as it is often called, you get exclusive rights to both space and performance. Contact us and we'll help you!

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Get exclusive rights with VPS

A virtual private server, VPS, is more flexible, powerful, and secure for websites, e-commerce, and applications than web hosting.

With web hosting, you share a web server with several hundred other customers. In practice, this means that performance and space are limited. The more people with access to the web server, the more access points for unauthorized persons, increasing the risk of intrusion. By choosing to use a VPS, you get exclusive rights to both space and performance. Above all you get a much higher level of security.

With VPS, you also have full freedom to use any software or modules you want, unlike web hosting which limits which adaptations you can make.

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Top-of-the-line security without your own investment

A simple measure to increase IT security is to take advantage of our powerful IT environment. With our VPS, you are always assured of the best security, operational reliability, and hardware.

Our virtual environments are built on the latest hardware and software from Nutanix, a top-of-the-line and extremely reliable server hardware.

The virtual environments are, of course, built with a focus on redundancy and fault tolerance. All parts run on at least dual hardware (from server to network card). We back up all customer systems to a secondary site. This protects both us and, more importantly, you as a customer from breakdowns and data losses. We use Veeam for this. Your VPS is also covered by our firewalls from Palo Alto Networks. These inspect each incoming package to block threats before they reach your setup. Definitions for new threats are updated every 5 minutes.

Tailored to your needs

We also offer more advanced clustering solutions, Kubernetes as a service, or fully customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Would you like to know more about VPS?

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation regarding our virtual server solutions!

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