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Social Media Watch

Have you had a fake account set up in your name or with your photos? Are there social media accounts that customers might confuse with your brand? What would happen if these accounts started selling similar items or sharing opinions that do not represent your brand values? How much would it damage your brand reputation, and customers’ trust in you? Avoid these concerns with our monitoring service Social Media Watch!

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Social Media Watch 

Social Media Watch is a service that adds extra protection to our basic monitoring services. It counteracts fake accounts and advertisements and provides you with relevant information about how your brand is visible in social media. The main focus is to find posts where others use your trademark in their marketing, as part of their sales offer or to give the impression of representing your brand.

Using Social Media Watch means that you can rest assured that your organization controls the brand’s image in social media.

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How Social Media Watch works

Social media has become a popular and common way for companies to reach out to customers and interact with them. At the same time, these platforms allow for new types of trademark infringement, which increases the need to monitor unauthorized trademark use.

Social Media Watch gives you relevant information about how your brand is visible in social media. The service scans various social channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and identifies accounts with identical or similar names as your registered trademark. The findings are then reviewed by our experts, who deliver filtered results to you. Finally, you and your contact person at Abion go through all relevant hits and decide how to act against possible infringements.



Our lawyers review your business and provides advice and tips on how to achieve the strongest possible trademark protection. Together you identify the accounts and brands to be monitored for your trademark.

Get control through consolidation


Your monitoring is regularly reviewed by us. With the help of the Abion Core tool, the team reports only relevant hits in an easy-to-understand way. Using the information gathered, you and your advisor decide how to proceed.


Ongoing renewals

Action plan

Together with your advisor at Abion, you decide on what action to take for each infringement. There are often several different options for moving forward – our attorneys and digital strategists are happy to help you evaluate the most appropriate measures to stop fraudsters on social media.


The risks of not monitoring

For most organizations, it’s only a matter of time before discovering fake social media accounts. Most major corporate accounts are exposed to scams in social media. Being one step ahead and monitoring your social media presence makes it significantly more difficult for fraudsters to cause trademark damage. If you leave your brand unprotected, both your reputation and the customers’ trust in you, risk being negatively affected in many ways.

  • Customers and suppliers may confuse fake accounts with yours
  • Fraudsters could sell pirated copies bearing your trademark
  • Fraudsters could spread opinions, not consistent with your brand
  • Fraudsters could try to collect sensitive information from your customer

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