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Web Content Watch: unmasking brand impersonators

Monitor, protect, and control your digital footprint effortlessly with our Web Content Watch services that identify and eliminate threats, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

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Web Content Watch Essentials 

In an era dominated by the internet, safeguarding your online identity is paramount. It is essential to manage digital presence in order to ensure your brand is not diluted or harmed on websites that are copying your brand in an attempt to defraud your customers.

  • Identify and take action against websites attempting to impersonate your brand, preserving your unique identity.
  • Detect and enforce against websites involved in fraudulent activities, protecting your customers from potential scams.
  • Proactively monitor and take down illicit websites to safeguard your brand's reputation.
  • Guard against unauthorised sites diverting valuable traffic away from your official platform.

Why do you need Web Content Watch?

The digital landscape can be a breeding ground for brand impersonation. Our sophisticated technology scans the online world to detect websites that include content incorporating your brand name, trademarks, brand products or keywords to assess whether they are infringing or being used improperly.

  • Protecting the integrity of your brand

  • Maintaining customer trust

  • Reputation management

  • Traffic Optimisation

  • Detecting and enforcing against infringing content/sites

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The risks of not monitoring web content

  • Reputation Erosion: Brand impersonators can tarnish your reputation, eroding the trust your customers have in your brand.

  • Customer Vulnerability: Failing to detect and enforce against fraudulent websites puts your customers at risk, potentially causing financial harm.

  • Brand Dilution: Impersonators can dilute your brand's uniqueness, causing confusion among your audience and damaging brand recall.

  • Traffic Loss: Unauthorised sites diverting traffic away from your official platform can lead to missed business opportunities and reduced visibility.

  • Diverted revenue: Fake websites lure customers away, using your intellectual property and tantalising prices.

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