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Marketplace Watch

Do you sell products on any e-commerce platform? Then you should secure against counterfeiting to protect both your brand and customers. With our monitoring service Marketplace Watch, you get control so no one uses your brand in the various marketplaces!

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Marketplace Watch 

Start by asking yourself the following questions:
Where are your products traded online? Is it genuine products? Is it gray imports from unauthorized importers? Is it counterfeit products that damage your brand reputation?

Marketplace Watch regularly scans over 1000 ecommerce sites and enables monitoring and control that is not possible to achieve manually. As a trademark holder, you can quickly detect unauthorized retailers or advertisements so you can take action before your customers are put at risk.

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How Marketplace Watch works

With the help of our lawyers, monitoring is set up and adapted to your specific needs. Thanks to advanced underlying technology, it is possible to search for predefined texts, your logo or copyright-based images that are applied to your products. Whenever identical or similar images and texts are detected online, we receive an alert. Our lawyers go through all alerts and consult with you every time we recommend that action should be taken.



Our lawyers review your business and provides advice and tips on how to achieve the strongest possible trademark protection. Together you identify the key terms and/or images to be monitored on marketplaces.

Get control through consolidation


Your monitoring is regularly reviewed by a dedicated customer team. With the help of the Abion Core tool, the team reports only relevant hits in an easy-to-understand way. Using the information gathered, you and your advisor decide how to proceed.


Ongoing renewals

Action plan

Together with your advisor, you decide on what action to take for each infringement. There are often several different options for moving forward – our attorneys and digital strategists at us are happy to help you evaluate the most appropriate measures to stop marketplace fraudsters and pirated goods.


The risks of not monitoring

The sale of pirated products on sites like Alibaba or eBay is a well-known phenomenon that poses a significant threat to brand owners. It is absolutely crucial to monitor marketplaces, for your own protection but also to protect your customers and resellers.

Pirated goods:

  • Results in lost customer trust and profit for you
  • Is often of inferior quality and seldom meets necessary safety requirements
  • Often results in consumers feeling cheated
  • May pose a risk to consumers’ life and health

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