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Trademark infringement

Have you been the victim of infringement? How would trademark infringement affect your business? Your trademark is among the most important things you own, so your trademark needs protection from infringement. Sometimes the unforeseen happens. That’s when you can rest assured that Abion will help you!

Get help against infringement

Trademark infringement 

An infringement can damage your entire brand, from the legal side to the digital and technical elements. An infringement can become apparent when your customers get in touch with you having discovered that another party is communicating with them in your name. It can also be that you discover it by chance or, alternatively, by monitoring your brand with one of our monitoring services. Here are some examples of the actions our lawyers can take in the event of an infringement:

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What is trademark infringement?

A trademark infringement is a risk that any brand owner may be exposed to. It can be anything from pirated copies being freely distributed to mirrored websites and fake emails, but the main and most obvious risks of infringement are:

  • Customers confuse your brand with others
  • Revenue losses
  • Reduced customer loyalty
  • Damaged reputation

Prevent infringement

We can be of help if you are a victim of trademark infringement or are worried that it may happen. Contact our legal experts for help!

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