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Trademark investigation

Investigate a trademark to find out if the planned or existing trademark is unique enough for registration. In this way, you’ll be saving both time and investment. Contact us and our experts will help you!

Conduct an investigation

Why conduct an investigation?

Applying for a trademark without first examining the market can be risky. This could partly be due to older rights preventing a trademark application from being granted. Since the investigation identifies any other operators using identical or confusing signs, you find out if the intended trademark is available and whether it is possible to register it with exclusive rights. An investigation will help you to:

  • detect existing risks ahead of a new brand launch
  • determine whether the risks are manageable or not
  • facilitate informed decision-making
  • avoid unnecessary problems and costs
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Save time and costs

Although the investigation does not provide a guarantee that the trademark will be registered, it does give a good indication of any potential obstacles and risks when a new trademark is launched as well as whether the risks are manageable or not. With an investigation you can make informed decisions, avoiding both problems and costs.

For trademarks already in use, for example in connection with expansion to new territories or diversification, it may be equally important to investigate in order to identify possible obstacles and risks.

How does an investigation work?


Our legal team search trademark databases based on the wording of the intended trademark (or appearance if it is a figure), the goods and services related to the trademark, and any relevant countries.

Evaluation of search results

Our experts assess all relevant search results from the perspective of trademark law and then deliver the results of the investigation.

Recommendations to achieve your objectives.

We then deliver the results of the investigation and make recommendations to help you achieve your objectives.

Conduct an investigation

Would you like to conduct an investigation? Time to expand overseas and unsure if your trademark can be registered in a certain country? Contact us and our legal team will help you!

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