Website analysis

Website analysis

Do you have an e-commerce website and need help with a website analysis? With a website analysis, we help make sure that your e-commerce meets both the formal and informal requirements currently placed on your website. In this way, you avoid badwill and high costs, and your customers will view you as more credible. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Conduct a website analysis


The 3 stages of a website analysis

The process is reviewed with a test purchase

We will make a test purchase in your e-commerce to check the entire order process. This begins with the information provided about the product, continues with the checkout procedure, through to the confirmation email.

Compatibility analysis

Next, we make a general analysis of the compatibility of your e-commerce with current consumer legislation and other relevant legislation, such as geo-blocking regulations and consumer credit laws. This also includes reviewing existing policies so that they meet the requirements set out in, among other things, GDPR and the e-privacy directive. We help make sure that your e-commerce meets both the formal and informal requirements placed your website.

Report covering areas for improvement

All this is then included in a report reviewing the applicable legal requirements and how well your e-commerce complies with these. We’ll provide clear instructions on potential measures that can be taken to comply with laws and regulations, so you are completely covered and there are no loose ends.

What is involved in a website analysis?

By allowing us at Ports to conduct a website analysis for you, you can avoid badwill and excessive costs while increasing your credibility in the eyes of your customers. We make sure that:

  • The general terms and conditions contain regulated information
  • Your e-commerce complies to applicable rules regarding, among other things, product information and order processing
  • Information required by, among others, GDPR and the e-privacy directive is included for privacy and cookie policies
  • All additional information presented to customers is delivered correctly
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Complies with laws and regulations

The purpose of a website analysis is to verify that your e-commerce complies with the relevant laws and regulations. This will be a vital step in ensuring that you, as an e-retailer, aren’t breaking any rules. It’s also an important hygiene factor as it builds customer confidence in an online shop that is both user-friendly and complies with the law.

Conduct a website analysis

Let us help you review your e-commerce website. Contact us and we’ll help you!

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