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Secure your trademarks now

Applications and registrations by experts

  • Legal exclusive rights to the trademark
  • Increased status and value for your brand
  • Protection against accidentally infringing another party’s registered trademark

Having the entire brand portfolio and all domains with Ports Group, including monitoring and competent advice means we get peace of mind.This reduces administration and allows us to focus on our day-to-day-work.

Christian Omander

Christian Omander

CEO, Coolstuff

We are able to focus on our core business thanks to Ports Group helping us with the trademark and domain protection. Their specialist expertise helps us secure our brand in the long term.

Tom Thörnblom

Tom Thörnblom

Communications and sustainability manager - Lyko

QlikTech has been working with Ports Group for several years. And we love working with Per and his team of advisors, they always deliver with good result and are lovely people to work with. 


Alice Hume

Director & Senior Corporate Counsel Intellectual Property

We simplify the complexities

  • Experts in trademark law in-house
  • We take care of the whole process, from analysis to registration in the right class
  • Set up monitoring services – get notified of trademarks similar to your brand
Easy to register trademark with ports group

From application to registration

Requirements needed
  1. There can be no risk of confusion
  2. The trademark must have a distinctive character
  3. Application documents must be correctly completed and submitted
Local adaptions

In addition to the above, there are also requirements regarding laws, regulations, good practice, copyright, public symbols, and names. It is important that the registration is completed correctly for your trademark to receive proper legal protection. The process includes a lot of preparatory work and requires in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law. 

Register on all markets

Trademark registration should be completed in all markets where you have any kind of activity – be it production, marketing, and/or sales. And no matter where in the world you need to register your trademark, we at Ports Group can handle the whole process.

When we register your trademarks you get

In-house expertis

All expertise in-house

With legal experts on intellectual property law as well as departments covering both IT and domains we got the whole trademark process covered.   

Active survelliance

Active surveillance

We ensrue secure management with a guranteed renewal of your trademarks. We also offer active monitoring and notifies you in case of infringement. 

Abion Core

Abion Core

In our platform, you get a clear overview of your assets, a high level of security, and automated management of all top-level domains in the world.

Secure your trademarks today – we take care of the whole process