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Since 1994, our story has been intertwined with the internet's evolution, marking a transformative journey. As the digital field expanded, so did the threats to brands. Abion evolved in parallel, recognising the urgency of brand protection services in this dynamic landscape.

Evolution of technology: A double-edged sword

The technical evolution and COVID-19 and the impact of global conflicts underscored the critical need for adaptive brand protection. With the shift to an online presence, tools powered by AI and cyber security threats increasing a strategic approach to brand protection is a must.

We emerge not merely as protectors but as liberators, offering rights owners the freedom to fortify and empower their brands amidst a challenging environment.

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The increase of sophisticated brand infringements restricts brands, prompting Abion to redefine the narrative, offering rights owners the freedom to fortify and empower their brands amidst a challenging environment.

In response, Abion has defined a new paradigm – a powerful balance between protection and liberation.

From protection to empowerment: Transforming brand security

We are passionate about our new perspective to empower our clients – removing all the pain points so they can focus on what matters. Our recent approach builds on this vision to encompass the dual facets of safeguarding and empowering.

By combining the latest technology with extensive legal expertise, we are on a mission to transform how companies tackle brand abuse.

We watch your brand – you keep growing

Rather than being consumed by the immediate threats, we support brands in adopting a forward-thinking, strategic vision. A short-sighted focus on enforcement alone can hinder a brand’s growth and innovation.

We are dedicated to providing a brand protection that:

  • Empowers: We use our expertise to advise on how you can best align your brand protection strategy across all of your intellectual property (IP) assets (trademark, domain, copyright, website etc.). By making sure these go hand-in-hand, you prevent unnecessary setbacks and delays. Freedom for you to do more and spend less time worrying.
  • Safeguards: With the best web security solutions and tech-enabled monitoring tools, we strive to always keep your business one step ahead of fraudsters. By doing so, we enable brands to not only survive but to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • Liberates: Freeing up your valuable time and making you more effective by giving you access to our unique, all-in-one platform. Providing a complete overview of everything related to your domains, web security and trademarks. In addition, with automated tasks, you can boost efficiency, act on any infringements before it’s too late and benefit from insightful data that will provide strategic input into your brand.

Liberate your brand with strong brand protection

Contact our lawyers and experts today.

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