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When launching in a new market, and with that opening a whole new office, Abion looked for people who were both experienced and innovative. With Azhar Sadique and Kane Ridley we got that - and more. 

Meet Azhar, an experienced IP expert with a love for sports

As an avid sportsperson, I am a firm believer in collaboration and teamwork. I value my partnerships with teammates and live by the famous Michael Jordan quote “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”  When not playing sports, I love spending time with my family and sailing, having recently completed my boat captain license.


I have been working in the IP industry for over 14 years and am a passionate and experienced IP expert. With my commitment to revolutionising the IP industry, I’m focused on championing innovation and empowering our clients with bespoke solutions that perfectly suit their individual needs.

As a thought leader and speaker, I have sat as an expert on service provider Advisory Boards, designed and delivered CITMA Paralegal and EUIPO EUTMD courses and have Chaired several INTA Committees, including my current role leading the INTA TMA Committee.

Director of Brand Innovation
Email: azhar.sadique@abion.com
Telephone: +4420 8145 9241
Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/azharsadique/

Say hello to Kane, a former adventurer turned global IP professional

After my days backpacking and hiking around Australia and New Zealand, I get great satisfaction from travelling and experiencing different cultures. Outside of travel and adventure, I’m also a keen gamer, and when not online, I like to keep up with the industry by reading the latest gaming news. I love how my passion for the gaming world combines with my profession in protecting IP. Hobbies aside, my main love is spending time with my family, who ensure I’m always kept busy.

With over 20 years within the IP industry, I have spent a large part of my career managing global IP portfolios. Passionate about improving our client’s journey through smart brand-tech solutions, I have extensive experience in the strategic delivery of IP management and technology solutions alongside the running of IP functions such as paralegals, formalities, renewals and support teams. 

I am a leading voice in the evolution of the IP Paralegal profession and am an active member on the CITMA Paralegal Committee and Council as well as the INTA Trademark Administrators Committee.

Partner / Director of Brand Operations
Email: kane.ridley@abion.com
Telephone: +4420 8145 91111
Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaneridley/

Mentions in media

The news has caused quite a stir within the industry and as part of the UK launch, Azhar and Kane spoke to Managing IP.

Read the full article here.

About Abion


Abion is a fast-growing and profitable platform-based IP and domain services provider. Abion has a unique position in the market with 25 years of experience in digitalization as an ICANN-accredited registrar and a comprehensive Brand Protection package and software and services within Domain Management, Trademark Management, and Web Security.

Proactive protection through Abion's monitoring services secures the customer's intellectual property and exclusive rights. Central to what Abion offer is the software platform Abion Core, which brings together the portfolio of holdings, giving an optimal overview and automated management. The platform manages domains, brand holdings, and web security products.

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