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Smart Seal

Do you want to increase your customer’s trust and boost sales with Smart Seal? Do you have an online marketplace or work with e-commerce? Then you have most likely used or heard of the certificate that is a tried-and-tested way to demonstrate a website’s security. Curious? Contact us and we will help you.

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3 reasons to get
Smart Seal


Visual confirmation of secure customer information

The certificate gives your customers a visual confirmation that you have taken the necessary steps to secure their transactions and information.

Stay one step ahead of the fraudsters

Unlike Site Seal, Smart Seal is dynamic. This means that fraudsters can’t copy the certificate and mirror your website with a similar seal.

Increases customer interaction

The symbol on your website increases interaction between you and your visitors while reducing the number of visitors that leave your website.

Why Smart Seal?

When a visitor enters your website, straight away they will see a symbol showing the company logo together with DigiCert's verification. This gives your visitors a sense of security as they see that a trusted certificate authority has verified that correct security measures have been taken on the site. The digital certificate is a visual indication that easily and directly tells visitors that your website is legitimate, without them having to search for the information.

Excample of a Smart Seal with Digicert

A new, dynamic Seal

Smart Seal, formerly called Site Seal, is a feature that has been around for a long time and is well-known among e-retailers. But recently this certificate has had a facelift and become more dynamic. The seal acts as a visual indicator or symbol that, for example, appears on payment pages to assure website visitors that the company behind the site is validated by a trusted certificate provider. Our provider is DigiCert, a provider that can be trusted. The certificate shows that the site is validated and protected by an active certificate.

The majority of certification authorities offer Smart Seal when purchasing a TLS/SSL certificate which can be installed on your site to show your visitors that you are ensuring their safety.

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