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Domain acquisition

Do you want to buy a domain that is already taken but don't know how to proceed? Do you need help with the acquisition of an already registered domain? We can help you buy out a domain name that is already registered by another party. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Consultation and price proposal

Domain acquisition

Buying a domain that is already taken can be difficult and is often expensive. We can help you with a secure acquisition of the domain you want, which also means drafting contracts between the parties involved. We have long experience of domain acquisition and will do everything possible to make sure the deal is successful and at the best price possible!

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What is involved in buying a domain that is already taken?

Our strategists will help you with everything from transaction to change of ownership. We are with you all the way; from the formulation of a budget, establishing contact with the current owner, to negotiating a purchase price. In the event of an agreement, we will take care of the transfer of the purchase price, the importing of rights, and ensure the transfer of legal ownership.

Our long experience of domain acquisition and the possibility for you as the buyer to remain anonymous means we can often keep the price down while keeping your name out of the deal.  

Why buy a domain name that is already taken?

With over 25 years in the industry, we have extensive experience of many successful domain acquisitions. From experience, we know that there are a lot of companies out there that are not completely satisfied with their primary domain name. The most common dissatisfaction is not owning the .com domain for their brand. But there are always ways to improve your web presence, and usually without having to spend a fortune.

Past experienced has shown us that most domain names are for sale if your domain name partner has the skillset to get in touch with the current owner, negotiate well, and really make sure that you get what you pay for. And last but not least, set a realistic budget and resist the temptation of starting with a lowball offer.

And remember that in many cases the dissatisfaction of not owning a specific domain name is completely unnecessary. This is because you might be legally entitled to the domain name, without even knowing it!

What routes can I take to buy a domain that is already taken?

If a domain name is already taken the different approaches to purchasing it depend on the importance of the domain to you, your legal rights, and how the domain is used. In some cases you can assert a greater right to a domain name that is already registered. Are you unsure of what rights you have and how you can proceed? Our domain experts and lawyers are here to help you.

Do you want help buying a domain that’s already taken?

Do you need help buying or acquiring a domain name that is already registered? Contact us for help!

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