Bild på att samla alla äpplen / domäner i en och samma korg

Domain consolidation

We help you with domain consolidation to group your entire domain portfolio with a single provider. This gives you simplified administration, greater control, and increased protection for your domains. Below you can read more about our domain consolidation and the benefits it provides! 

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4 benefits of domain consolidation

A partner you can trust

We guarantee that your domain names are renewed while ensuring they are correctly registered and compliant with applicable regulations in each country. Should any inaccuracies in ownership be discovered, we will correct them.

Clear overview

In our platform, Ports Management, you get a clear and simple overview of your assets. All rights are available along with the opportunity to administer these on your own. The platform itself is protected with 2FA or SAML integration.

Stable and secure DNS

We offer stable and fast DNS on all domains. Because our DNS is Anycast-based, with redundancy and DDOS protection, we ensure secure solutions.

Domains all over the world with a combined invoice

Thanks to our extensive expertise and ICANN accreditation, we can offer all top-level domains, TLDs, worldwide, together with combined invoice for all domains.

Domain consolidation 

Regardless of how large or small your domain portfolio is, it is important to feel secure with your domain partner. By consolidating your entire domain portfolio with us, you get secure and cost-effective management as well as the confidence of having just one provider for all domains and one contact person. With the help of consolidation, you get:

  • Less administration
  • Reduced costs
  • No missed renewals
  • Your domains correctly set up according to current regulations
  • A guarantee that your digital rights are owned by the correct entity


Varemærkekrænkelser kan koste virksomheder millioner.

What does domain consolidation involve?

A domain name is a company's digital brand and a core component for building a brand identity. This is where it starts, where your users go to contact you, and it is through the domain name that users find you in different search services (Google and others).

Not having the same provider for your domain portfolio management can quickly become complicated, expensive, and insecure. With a diversified portfolio, you have several customer platforms with a number of login options. This means more places where the DNS needs updating and several invoices from different senders.

This quickly becomes unsustainable and inefficient. In addition, you risk shutting down all services associated with a domain name if any part is mismanaged or forgotten.

Would you like to know more about our domain consolidation?

Do you want to consolidate your domain portfolio and group your domain portfolio with us? Contact us and we will help you!

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