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API for Abion Core

In your customer platform, you can administer and get a holistic overview of everything related to your brands by implementing the API for your DNS management. You will then be able to manage your DNS and zone file yourself without logging in to an external platform.

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Increase your efficiency and safety

API for DNS Management is a convenient tool for managing your DNS records and get an overview of your domains. The domain API makes it easy to download and view a list of your domain names without having to access any other application. The list shows expiration dates, which DNS servers that are used and contact information for the domains.

  • Gain better control over your DNS configurations
  • Monitor changes made on zone files in your portfolio
  • Integrate DNS management with your internal management systems
  • Automation ramps up security for access management of your DNS configurations
API-nøglen giver øget effektivitet og sikkerhed

What does API for DNS Management mean?

In Abion Core you can upload, configure, and delete records and redirects. You also get access to your settings history log, plus much more.

In addition, we also offer several advanced DNS features such as Anycast, DNSSEC, CNAME record for the root domain and redirects with automatic certificate renewals. It is a complete solution for the management of your DNS records and zone files, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced administration.

How does the API work?

An Application Programming Interface, abbreviated API, connects and integrates systems that were not originally intended to interconnect.

Since digitalization requires more computer systems to work together, APIs play an important role in synchronizing the different systems. An API can for instance synchronize Abion’s DNS administration system with customers’ internal CMS systems.

Our API is a so-called REST API, a modern API that is completely platform-independent, creating seamless integration between systems without the need for customization.

Want to know more about our API?

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