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Domain trends 2024

From artificial intelligence (AI) to the possibility of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), the domain industry in 2024 is witnessing transformative trends. Here, we share our thoughts on the emerging trends that will shape domain name choices in the coming year. 

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Emergence and Adoption of New gTLDs: Expanding the Domain Horizon 

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) present an expansive range of options beyond conventional extensions. Since 2012 when ICANN released 1200 new gTLDs available, businesses were able to choose extensions that align with their niche offerings. Case studies have highlighted importance of industry-specific domain extensions with the success of gTLDs like .app for mobile apps and .BANK for the banking sector. We are now all eagerly awaiting the release of next round of gTLDs. ICANN has announced that this release will "offer opportunities to create a more multilingual and inclusive Internet for the billions of people who speak and write in different languages”. With this release, companies/organisations can also apply for their .BRAND again (e.g., .ABION). 

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Impact of NIS2 – Legislation: Enhancing cybersecurity within the European Union

Legislation that came into effect in 2023 and must be implemented by European Union (EU) member states by 2024. The updated version of NIS2 includes more sectors and industries to enhance cybersecurity within the EU. NIS2 will impact how we verify domain owners/registrants and how we handle data. There is still a lot that is unclear, and as an ICANN -accredited registrar, we are carefully following the developments and are currently involved in a number of discussion forums and similar platforms to ensure we and our clients are compliant. 

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AI-Powered Domain Naming: Enhancing Efficiency and Creativity

The introduction of AI into the domain industry has revolutionised the domain naming process. AI-powered tools analyse social media platforms, target audiences, and industry-specific vocabulary, offering a whole range of options by eliminating irrelevant choices. These tools leverage machine learning to understand words and cultural nuances, helping to avoid unintended complications. As more companies joining the web, the pursuit for distinctive domain names has intensified.  

Traditional extensions like .com, .net, and .org are saturated, making it difficult to secure a unique online identity. New extensions such as .blog and .shop, combined with AI-powered processes, offer creative, innovative and memorable domain combinations. 

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Voice-Search Optimised Domains: Catering to the Shift in Search Trends

Voice search optimisation introduces a new dimension to domain selection, focusing on human-spoken phrases rather than traditional keyword-based text searches. This technology depends on speech recognition and language processing. A recent report published by Demandsage showed voice research as the most popular way of searching today, particularly among Gen Zs. Phrases such as "X restaurant near me" or "X shop near me" are popular.  

Brand owners should keep voice searches in mind when choosing domains and consider strategies such as:Prioritise short and relevant domain names to enhance voice search recognition. 

  • Incorporate keywords that align with voice assistant requirements for better compatibility. 
  • Reflect the essence of your business in the domain name to maintain brand identity through voice searches. 
  • Localise the domain to cater to specific geographical audiences and improve regional voice search accuracy. 
  • Create a user-friendly voice search experience by avoiding unnecessary elements in the domain name. 
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Creative and Brand-Centric Domain Names: Breaking the Mold for Unique Identities

The rise of brand-centric domain names emphasises the importance of uniqueness and memorability in a brand name. Trends include intentional misspellings, combining keywords for creative fusion, using synonyms or unique terms, integrating regional words, and experimenting with bold choices. Combining a brand's name with specific product details represents the trend towards precise and creative brand-centric domains. 

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Growth and Importance of ccTLDs and GeoTLDs: Building Trust Through Local Connections

Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) (e.g.; .DE for Germany and .SE for Sweden) and Geographical TLDs (GeoTLDs) (e.g., .nyc for New York City and .london for businesses in London) offer a localised alternative to traditional extensions, such as .com. Businesses are increasingly adopting ccTLDs and GeoTLDs to target specific audiences and establish trust in local markets/regions. These extensions provide valuable geographic and local information, enhancing the understanding of a company's location and roots. 

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Tech-savvy, Web3 and Blockchain Domains: Embracing the Decentralised World 

.AI and .IO domains have surged and become symbols for innovation, mirroring the forward-thinking nature of the digital landscape. Businesses and startups in the AI sector favour the .AI extension while the .IO domain has become synonymous with tech startups and online ventures. Both will continue to remain at the forefront of digital ventures.  

There also remains a lot of discussion about Web3/blockchain "domains." However, these are currently not as secure as traditional domains with many uncertainties regarding security and lack of regulation or governing body (e.g. ICANN).  



In conclusion, the domain trends for 2024 reflect a dynamic landscape where technological advancements and creative strategies converge. As businesses navigate this evolving terrain, understanding and embracing these trends will be key to securing a unique and impactful online identity. Choose your domain wisely, leveraging the insights provided by innovative tools and technologies, and embark on a journey of digital success. 

Need help with your domains for 2024? At Abion, we specialise in domain consultation, offering personalised advice and expert guidance to align your digital assets seamlessly with your corporate goals. Contact us now.


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