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Didn’t have the knowledge in-house to give the trademark appropriate protection

Coolstuff operates outside of Sweden and also runs its production in China. So trademark protection is needed on several markets. This applies to both the company name and the products the company makes itself.

When the collaboration between Abion and Coolstuff started in 2018, protection needed to be swiftly established in active markets, but also in the country of production. So it was necessary to get a complete picture of what needed to be protected to avoid potential piracy and other types of infringement. 

"Coolstuff is a combination of two fairly generic words. When the company was founded, we had neither an intention or budget for providing our brand with the appropriate protection," says Christian Omander, CEO of Coolstuff.

Having all brand assets and all domains at Abion, including monitoring and qualified advice, means that we can feel peace of mind, cut down on administration, and allows us to focus on our core business.

Christian Omander

Christian Omander

CEO of Coolstuff


Put a brand strategy in place

Abion has helped Coolstuff to put a solid brand strategy in place. Initially, six of Coolstuff's brand names lacked protection in a market where they ran a high risk of exposure to piracy. As a consequence, a number of new trademark registrations were made. At the same time, several domain name infringements were also identified that the lawyers at Abion managed to acquire after sending warning letters. 

Via domain name monitoring, Abion sends continuous notifications if an identical or similar domain name to "Coolstuff" is registered. All this so that the team at Coolstuff are aware of how their trademark is being used by other operators as well as opening the opportunity to take action against infringement with, for example, warning letters or acquisition attempts.

"So throughout the company's journey, we have given the brand better protection and strengthened our domain portfolio. In this work, Abion has contributed tremendously," says Christian Omander.


Now has extensive and strong trademark protection

As a result of our work together, Coolstuff has now managed to obtain good trademark protection and a strong domain portfolio. The protection is strongest in the domestic market, but it extends in varying degrees worldwide. The fact that the protection is so extensive creates the right conditions for Coolstuff to be able to grow further with the established brand, both now and in the future. 

Coolstuff's trademark protection also includes the trademarks of the products the company makes itself. And this gives them the opportunity to more easily object in the event of possible trademark infringement and piracy.

"Communication with Abion is always easy. We have a main contact person who knows us well and who we can approach with everything, which is convenient for us."

Abion's monitoring and proactive working methods have also led to us being able to identify and act on domain name infringements well in advance of major damage taking place.


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Unique gifts and gadgets that surprise

Christian Omander and Kajsa Knapp founded Coolstuff in 2004 and today share the CEO position in the company. “Coolstuff offers the galaxy's best selection of gifts and gadgets via e-commerce. The tastiest, funniest, smartest, and coolest stuff, either to give away as a gift or to keep for yourself,” says Christian.

Coolstuff simply wants to offer just the right product to the right person at the right time. "We sell both external brands, and products that we have developed and produced under our own trademarks," Christian continues.

Coolstuff operates in SwedenDenmarkNorwayFinland, and Germany.

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