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Registry Lock

Do you need help protecting domains using Registry Lock? Registry lock increases the protection of your most important domain names and protects against unwanted changes to your domain. The changes prevented from being made are updates, redirects, deregistration of the domain name, transfer to a new owner, or change of registrar.

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What does Registry Lock mean?

When you enable Registry Lock, the domain is locked at registry-level. This means that no changes can be made by unauthorized people to:

  • Name servers
  • Registrant's name, address, or contact details
  • Changes of registrar
  • For some top-level domains - deactivation/deregistration after due date
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Why should you have Registry Lock?

In recent years, there has been an increased need to protect domain names from attacks. Hijacking a domain’s data is a recent phenomenon that has had major consequences. An attack can, among other things, lead to visitors being redirected to another website, where the attacker displays offensive content or steals the visitor's data by setting up a phishing page. This is harmful to both the registrant and the registrar.

Login details to your provider's administration interface can be misplaced and systems can be hacked. Unauthorized persons within your organization may request changes, or you have domain names that you do not want to be changed without additional verification from an authorized person. If there are domain names that are extra critical to the company's operations, these should be secured with Registry Lock.

We offer Registry Lock for all top-level domains.

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